Chiropractors and the US Military

Just the Facts (with a little opinion)


Despite being authorized in 1992 there are, as yet, no commissioned chiropractors in the US Military

The history of chiropractic support of our military personnel is long.  In 1944 the first bill to commission chiropractors was introduced in the United States Congress.  In 1985 the DoD was directed to determine cost effectiveness of chiropractic.  The first President Bush authorized the DoD to commission chiropractors in 1992.  The Chiropractic Health Care Demonstration Program (CHCDP) that ended in September 1999 showed overwhelmingly that chiropractic would be beneficial to our troops and to the military.  It was replaced by the Chiropractic Care Program in 2001, which was to extend chiropractic care to all active duty military personnel by 2003.  In 2004 the Secretary of Defense was required to speed up the implementation of this program so that all service men and women would be able to access chiropractic care by October of 2005.  At one point there were nearly 90 chiropractors working for the DoD. With the most recent furloughs and military cuts that number has gone down a little. Currently in 2014 according to Tricare’s website, roughly one quarter, 60 of 232, Military Treatment Facilities (MTF) offer chiropractic services.  Recently bills were introduced in congress to increase access to chiropractors for dependents and veterans.  This is a great idea, but there still aren’t enough chiropractors to satisfy the demand with active duty personnel.

There is always political activity on the topic of chiropractic in congress here is a link to follow the action.  And here is one specifically for the DoD.  Currently there are no bills calling specifically for the immediate commissioning of chiropractors into the US Armed Forces.  The most recent one was in 2008 and never got to the floor.  Your congressperson can be the one to propose the new bill.

This site is not here to place blame.  It is designed to inform, and to find a way to make commissioned chiropractors in the US Military a reality.  Congress has done a lot.  Many people have worked hard to bring this needed care to our troops.  There is more that we can do.  There is more that we should do, after all this is a government by the people.

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Written by cmnacnud

March 2, 2009 at 5:05 pm